Happy Friday

Happy Friday and cheerful cute sunrise over snow capped mountains
Happy Friday by Wander Full And Free. A place to find some fun links for the week!

How can it already be Friday right? Time really flies when you are trying to juggle all the different balls in the air (or as Ton likes to refer to it, keep the plates spinning – I guess he sees himself as a circus performer). Whether it be parenting, self-care, housework, family time, spiritual nourishment, physical nourishment (the list goes on…) I hope you can look back at the week and say you achieved something worth celebrating this weekend.

This is something I hope to keep going on Fridays, a little curated list of happy finds that kept me going during the week. I hope you’ll like them too. Happy Friday everyone!



This week we had to do a lot of writing practice as both kids have Chinese dictation tests at school. This website allows you to generate practice worksheets super fast. Kids aren’t happy but Mummy is!



How exquisite are these wooden eggs? The simplicitiy and yet unique quality of birds eggs is amazing.


I scream

It’s here! In Hong Kong! It’s never too cold to eat ice cream. Like never. I miss home but I suppose eating this ice cream might help cure some homesickness a little.



It seems like Hong Kong has been doing lots of work to improve the Victorian Harbourfront and Wanchai has it’s own art-filled waterfront to explore. Can’t wait to check it out.

Ok that’s all for today. Go out and enjoy the rest of your Friday everyone.



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