Happy Friday

Happy Friday and cheerful cute sunrise over snow capped mountains
Happy Friday by Wander Full And Free. A place to find some fun links for the week!

A little curated list of happy finds that kept me going during the week

Today came quickly yet again! I can’t believe it’s already another week come and gone.

Highlights for this week were:

  1. The gorgeous weather here in Hong Kong is just divine and really really good for hair! Enjoy it as much as possible folks!
  2. I have been watching The Great British Bake-off (took a while to start) and I know why it’s popular. It’s thoroughly enjoyable! I want to bake everything I see!
  3. Spotted this super cute Mini having a wash. How adorable.



Food waste in Hong Kong is quite a serious problem. There’s even a really weird-looking nose?-shaped mascot that is supposed to discourage people from not overindulging whilst ordering food. A couple of new apps are trying to tackle this ongoing issue by pairing customers with local F+B outlets around town to help rescue their otherwise leftovers or near expiring food for a reduced cost. It’s a great idea and the more people get on board, the more shops will sign up and the more food will be rescued from landfill. Save the planet, save some money and save the food! See the links below for more details.




Barber envy

I have enjoyed having an undercut for so many years now and while I started it in Hong Kong, I have never been able to find a barber who will maintain my fade because I am a woman. My fade is all I want. I don’t want them to cut the rest of my long hair, just give me a quality fade. The quest continues to find somebody as awesome as this barber in Japan. If only I could travel again, I would be on a plane to see this guy. Amazing work.


DIY hair

Sigh. But until such that I find this along waited barber who will shave my sides…Ton does my hair. In fact he cuts both of the kids’ hairdos too and he has seriously gotten the hang of it. So he gives me a number 1 all around and that’s my undercut. Good enough. In the meantime though, his clippers could do with a serious upgrade now that 3 out 4 of us are getting a DIY haircut at home. These are the ones he’s got sitting in his cart. Looking very fancy and professional indeed!!



True Wisdom

I have been listening to this sermon series by Tim Keller, former Pastor from Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC. Wisdom is something we must all hunger after and doggedly pursue but it is not a technique but a gradual persistent journey we do every day. There is just so much wisdom to learn in these sermons. I can’t stop telling people about them.

Wisdom can be defined as: competence with regard to the complex realities of life. It has to do with understanding a particular situation and then knowing the right thing to do.

Tim Keller

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