Happy Friday

Happy Friday and cheerful cute sunrise over snow capped mountains
Happy Friday by Wander Full And Free. A place to find some fun links for the week!

Just writing a short Happy Friday today because my laptop had to go into hospital for a brain transplant. I don’t what was going on but it was spontaneously crashing and rebooting on me. The Geniuses couldn’t diagnose the problem so this was a rather extreme prescription but would you believe the warranty had just four days to go so I think going all out was best! Hopefully it makes a difference.


Farm cuties

Our family adore Sumikko Gurashi. We have loved them ever since they received a soft toy from one grandma and we discovered this ridiculously cute world of characters and all the assorted merchandise that goes along with the franchise. Lately we have been a tad obsessed with this app Sumikko Farm. You get to plant crops and harvest produce to sell for coins. These can be used to purchase shops and stalls, animal stalls, furnishings and decorations. The little characters walk about the farm and you buy them special costumes and complete little quests. It’s just a world of cuteness.


Apple a day

Discovered this free template to make super cute apple boxes. I think they would make great eco-friendly DIY Christmas ornaments.



My quest for a barber who will cut my hair may have come to an end. I have been on the quest for a barber-quality fade for my undercut but repeatedly the answer is no they do not cut women’s hair. But finally through the efforts of like-minded friends with a passion for good hair, I have found a barber who will cut my undercut and even does hair tattoos. I’ve made an appointment for next week so I’m looking forward to having a fresh fade.


Christmas Escape Room

I’ve been looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate Christmas this year and as my kids loved the escape room party I threw for their birthday, I think this free Nativity Escape Room game would really go down a treat.


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