Happy Friday

Happy Friday and cheerful cute sunrise over snow capped mountains
Happy Friday by Wander Full And Free. A place to find some fun links for the week!

It was another beautiful week here in Hong Kong. Our weather once more graced us with a lovely breezy and lots of sunshine. It made doing the most menial tasks that much easier and I reckon it made time move slower (in a good way!) as I just didn’t feel flustered by the humidity and heat that plagues us for the majority of the year.

As Australians, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I really uphold the values of practicing gratitude and gathering with family and friends to celebrate being thankful. I love seeing all the decor, food and activities featured online. Makes me wish we did grow up with this holiday tradition!

On Sunday we are concluding a month of teacing the kids about being thankful. We had a training session last weekend that really inspired the teachers to see the huge contrast between process and product art. We have definitely been using mostly product-focused art where the kids have an end-goal in mind for their craft e.g. colour in the picture or complete the maze. Process art is much more creative, allows children to engage in the art process as well as express themselves and integrate their reflections from the lesson into the craft. So to finish off the last lesson, the kids are going to make Gratitude Mobiles from Meri Cherry and I couldn’t be more excited by the idea. In preparation, I dyed a bunch of penne pasta shapes using food dyes and vinegar or rubbing alcohol (I had both and needed to try both for the sake of science). The kids will use these as beads. The pasta dying turned out beautifully and the colours are much better than I anticipated.

To avoid waste, for the stick I’m going to use a bunch of old take away chopsticks that have been stashed away waiting for a rainy day. I’ll make a sample with my own children to show the kids in my class and I can’t wait to see what each child creates.

What are your plans for the weekend?


Fish bread

Those who know me know that I love bread and this account absolutely takes bread baking to another level. The world of japanese instabakers is actually next level with the most beautiful food styling and simple to follow recipes (I want to be like that when I grow up) but this baker really bakes is something else. Check out the link for the most artistic and mind-blowing bread.


Wear your toys

My parents have still kept the original Playmobil sets that we had as kids. The campervan still has the tiny cutlery sets! Those tiny forks oh my! This collab with Zara clothing looks really cool and I’m impressed they included outfits for both adults AND kids. Glad we don’t miss out this time.



For the last 6 months, my children have given up eating seafood in the name of conservation and protecting our ocean wildlife. But it has been tough for me to see them forefo their favourite Japanese dishes like sushi for their commitment. There is some hope that plant-based fish alternatives could still hit the spot when a sushi craving strikes. Most of all though, I hope that we can find better solutions to allow our oceans to heal and my children do not have to give up a healthy food option just because the world has been abusing it’s resources.


Stasher bags

One easy way that our family has reduced our waste is only using these reuseable silicon Stasher bags. Bye bye single use plastic ziplock bags! These are a bit of an investment but they last must better (my ziplock bags would always rip in the freezer) and now I use them for all sorts of things from snacks, storage, freezing berries and sliced bread. I always wait for a sale and it’s here again. The aqua bundle of 4 pouches is now 30% off. Tell your friends.

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