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#cuteillustration #familyblog #mummyblogger #illustration


#cuteillustration #illustration #mommyblogger
Meet the family.

Everyone certainly has their own unique personality and style. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made after all!

Sometimes it’s a challenge to get along but at the end of the day, it’s the blending of these differences that really makes family special.

This is ours.


A.k.a Dad.

Loves gadgets and coffee. Really really loves coffee.

Superhero power: Caffeine immunity

Mummy E

The doctor, the baker but not the candlestick maker.

Loves ice cream and apple themed desserts. Better still apple themed desserts with ice cream. Even better still apple pie flavoured ice cream.

Superhero power: Crafting stuff (but not candlesticks…yet)

Mr A.

The master builder. Violinist. Puzzle maker.

Eats a lot of rice. Likes the colour red and strawberries.

Superhero power: Able to sense impending rain through the gift of sneezing

Mr R.

Whale shark enthusiast. Sweet tooth. Cellist.

Sometimes known to squeak. Loves drawing and cuddles.

Superhero power: Smiles

Want to learn more?

Check out our favourite goodies from gadgets, cooking, games or reads. Everyone has their favourite items in this mega list of awesome stuff we use everyday in the Wander Full and Free family.

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