Star Wars Snowflakes

These cool DIY Star Wars paper snowflakes will bring out your Christmas geek.

At this festive time of year, I like to decorate our apartment with my rather eclectic collection of mostly DIY Christmas decor. Without a doubt the most impressive and satisfying craft I’ve made are these Star Wars Snowflakes. They have been decorating our windows for at least 9 years now! Talk about environmentally friendly decor.

Star Wars snowflakes handmade paper decoration hang from a wool covered stick for Christmas
Star Wars snowflakes add a certain Christmas geek chic

The internet has a plethora of links to snowflake templates and my designs came from a website that is now down. Thankfully there are other sources for very similar Star Wars snowflakes. My Star Wars Snowflake designs are classics and the favourites of our family i.e. Bobba Fett (Ton’s favourite), Yoda, Darth Vader and a storm trooper.

I will not lie. These are a labour of love to cut out and you really need good pair of sharp-tipped craft scissors (I use something like these beauties and the spring action is much kinder on the wrist!) and a craft knife. This craft was done before the beauty of a Cricut machine but sometimes, these sorts of crafts are more about the joy you get when you unfold your snowflake to reveal the amazing wonders of the design. Of course, you can use the Cricut and it will cut from the pdf and do the work for you. No judgement here.

Tips: do not use thick paper. Just standard copy paper will do. Because you need to fold the paper along the print out lines before you start cutting, the thickness of the paper will only make it more difficult to cut the finer details and you will get a hand cramp.

Storm Trooper Star Wars Snowflake cut from paper by hand decorate the home at Christmas
Darth Vader snowflake
Storm Trooper and Boba Fett Star Wars snowflakes handmade from paper decorate the home for Christmas
Storm Trooper and Boba Fett snowflakes

What you need


Follow the lines on the print out to cut out the circle on the template.

Fold this circle along the lines until only the image is on the top wedge.

It can help to place paper clips along the folds to hold the wedge of paper together as you cut.

Begin with the scissors and cut around the design carefully.

The details such as eyes will need the craft knife. Carefully cut these out on a cutting mat. It may require a few repeated cuts to go successfully through all the layers of paper. The paper clips will help stabilise the paper wedge.

Check both sides of your cut out to ensure you cut all the way through cleanly.

Unfold and enjoy the magic!

For display this year, I’m hanging them up on a beam of wood against the window for full dramatic effect.

String of Star Wars snowflakes hang up from a beam of yarn covered wood against a window. Skyline of Hong Kong in the background. Idea is for Christmas decoration inspiration.

Firstly, for the beam, I used a piece of drift wood wrapped in multiple strands of coloured yarn and hung up with a piece of string. Then I tied pieces of string along the driftwood and attached the Star Wars Snowflakes with a paper clip.

When I’m taking down the decorations, I carefully re-fold the snowflakes back into their wedge shape and pack them flat in a box until next Christmas. This way I have been able to enjoy them for year after year.

And no matter how many times I bring them out for display, they still make me really proud and kids are always so excited to see how incredible even a simple paper snowflake craft can be.

Hope you give it a try! Happy decorating.

Please know that these opinions are entirely my own (and the rest of the family’s) and not sponsored ads. However links have been included if you wish to purchase items through this website. If you do buy (that would be super awesome) I may earn a small affiliate commission. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. Learn more.


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