Happy Friday

A little curated list of happy finds that kept me going during the week

This week we were blessed with beautiful weather. I was able to get out for a hike for some fresh air minus the humidity. But disaster struck when the sole of one of my hiking shoes peeled right off. It was the second shoe that this has happened in the last month. I know you are thinking ‘you must be so active!’ Well no. It is because I have been so inactive until recently and these old shoes that have been languishing inside the cupboard suddenly enjoyed the beating of a jungle trek and this jolt back to purposefulness was so great that my shoes completely caved in on me.

So I need new shoes. It’s on my to-do list. Researching a new running or hiking or some sort of hybrid of the two!

Good weather was also key as my oldest went for school camp. He enjoyed surfing, raft-building and orienteering. He was so stoked. I was just so glad he had a great time because with the last two years with camps cancelled due to protests and the pandemic, I didn’t know if he would ever get to experience the true outdoor adventure of school camps.




Time to buy new shoes. I actually find the task quite tedious because there are just too many choices. This list will help me narrow down my choices…just a little.



Huge fans here of @oliverjeffers and this new piece of work he is launching looks absolutely phenomenal.


Grape skins

These vegan shoes are made from an amazingly innovative material created from the waste produced from the wine industry i.e. grape skins! Technology is really enabling the textile industry to become sustainable. Very exciting.


Parent help

The Parent Cue app is so awesome with encouraging tips and advice for parents to connect with their children. Check it out.


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